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Teenage Kate Was Such A Creep

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I have no idea what exactly happened to me at around age 13, but I’m preeeetty sure it was hormone-related. I went from being this sweet – if incredibly nerdy – little blonde girl to suddenly deciding to dive head-first into the totally compelling world of EMO. I didn’t dye my hair – not straight away, anyway – but I did gather every black item of clothing I could find (for reference, a cute black fleece from Gap and some light-grey jeans. I was a work in progress).

And then I started crushing on boys, and Science lessons at school turned from me actually concentrating and getting good grades and knowing what the oil refining process was into HORMONAL BOYCRUSH HELL. Read More

Walk It Off

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I’ve been trying a new thing recently: walking everywhere!

Some background: I live in London. You’re not supposed to walk anywhere. You’re supposed to climb down into a tunnel every day and sit down for a bit and then climb back out. The tunnel smells weird, and it’s hot, and it’s full of people who all hate you even though you’ve never met them. You have to hate them as well. It’s a requirement.

But three things have led me to my walking epiphany:

  1. I can’t afford to go to the gym, so this is free gym for me!
  2. I can’t afford transport, so this is free transport for me!
  3. I really like my new trainers.

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How To Win Fwends N Influence Peeps

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I used to be so shy. I wasn’t able to call my friends’ parents by their first names. I mumbled. I freaked out in front of large crowds. I cried a lot. I thought the friends I’d stumbled into at school would be my only friends forever, and even then they didn’t really like me.

And just LOOK AT ME NOW. I have, like, eight friends! I do things on camera in front of thousands of people! Okay, I still can’t call my friends’ parents by their first names but that is SCARY. They’re grown-ups.

How did I do it? How did I, the world’s most shyest person, become relatively sort of almost outgoing? Read More

You’re Not Clairvoyant, Kid

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I had a very active imagination as a child. For a few weeks, I thought I could tell the future, and even now I’m not entirely sure I was wrong. I was prescient af, even if it was limited to things like “there will be a blue van in front of us in two minutes”. We don’t choose our gifts, okay.

Being creative is great in a lot of ways when you’re young. You come up with the best playground games (Flying Pony Club was a particular success even though it mostly involved running around informing people that you were a flying pony) and you write as much as you can because you can’t not. Your ideas spill out from your tiny brain like an overflowing water fountain, and you have to make some of them real or you might burst.

But creativity + imagination + anxiety is an awful, awful mix – especially for someone who didn’t find out the existence of anxiety until they were 18.

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Tea & Me

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Put the kettle on. ☕

Possibly the most comforting four words in the English language for me, though I’m also fairly fond of “d’you want a hug?” and “here’s some free money.” It’s a total stereotype – the British love tea, and they use it in mostly the same context as non-Brits might use a nap or a psychiatrist – but for me, at least, it’s true. Read More

Greetings, Traveller!

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Hey! Welcome to my blog.

I’m Kate! I write about video games. Sometimes I make videos about video games. One day, I’d like to make a video game… but that’s hard, so for now I will stick to writing and talking about them.

I also write about other stuff, because I think about a lot of things, and that’s what this blog is for – everything that spills over, everything that I can’t write about on actual, reputable games sites. Or sometimes, things that are more personal. Or stupid.

I’m really looking forward to talking to you on here. This is me! Unfettered by word counts and deadlines and people saying “no, Kate, that’s a bad idea, don’t do that.” YOU CAN’T STOP ME NOWWWW.