Greetings, Traveller!

By September 3, 2016Uncategorized

Hey! Welcome to my blog.

I’m Kate! I write about video games. Sometimes I make videos about video games. One day, I’d like to make a video game… but that’s hard, so for now I will stick to writing and talking about them.

I also write about other stuff, because I think about a lot of things, and that’s what this blog is for – everything that spills over, everything that I can’t write about on actual, reputable games sites. Or sometimes, things that are more personal. Or stupid.

I’m really looking forward to talking to you on here. This is me! Unfettered by word counts and deadlines and people saying “no, Kate, that’s a bad idea, don’t do that.” YOU CAN’T STOP ME NOWWWW.

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