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Walk It Off | Kate Gray

Walk It Off

By September 8, 2016Uncategorized

I’ve been trying a new thing recently: walking everywhere!

Some background: I live in London. You’re not supposed to walk anywhere. You’re supposed to climb down into a tunnel every day and sit down for a bit and then climb back out. The tunnel smells weird, and it’s hot, and it’s full of people who all hate you even though you’ve never met them. You have to hate them as well. It’s a requirement.

But three things have led me to my walking epiphany:

  1. I can’t afford to go to the gym, so this is free gym for me!
  2. I can’t afford transport, so this is free transport for me!
  3. I really like my new trainers.

So far, it’s been great – as long as I remember to pee, stay hydrated and charge my phone as much as possible before I leave. I’ve also been taking selfies along the way – partly to amuse myself, partly to boost my self-esteem, partly because I’m quite excited to share the things I see and do along the way with Twitter.

But did you know it’s September now? SEPTEMBER. And soon it will be Autumn. There’s a lot I love about Autumn – the colours of the leaves, the smell of mulled cider, the thick, knitted jumpers, my birthday (best birthday) – but I do not enjoy being outside an awful lot when it rains. AND IT WILL RAIN.

I like a nice crispy Autumn where the leaves crunch underfoot and the air is brisk but inviting. I don’t like the bits where the rain makes everything smell weird and I remember that I don’t own an umbrella, IN ENGLAND, where rain is like our national symbol.

But back to the walking. I’d like to keep going. It gives me time to think – time to pull apart the earphone cable tangle of ideas and thoughts in my head into some kind of coherent sense. Sometimes I’ll start the walk feeling quite sad, and then perk up halfway when I see a goose or a nice bit of graffiti. Sometimes I’ll swing back round to sad again, but that’s okay – it’s like meditation, you just have to let your thoughts come and go. You know they’ll pass eventually, because you were happy like five minutes ago. Remember the goose? That was great.

I can highly recommend walking. It’s good for you, obviously, but sometimes it’s a valuable brainspace and an important chunk of time to spend with just yourself.

Also sometimes you see geese. Geese are fun! Check out geese at your local park TODAY.

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